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Soon you will learn that your body contains imprints from emotional traumas and disappointing events in your life. Oftentimes these strong emotions burrow into hidden corners of the mind and body. These painful experiences need to be addressed. To be acknowledged not forgotten; to be nurtured to heal, not ignored. When traumas, big or little, are buried, over time they create specific pain patterns in the body. Neck pain tells you there is a ‘Pain-in-the-neck’ in your life. Hip pain represents insecure foundation. Foot pain reveals that you are ready, but fearful, of taking the next step in your life. The list goes on and on! The Body Blueprint™ explains the mind-body connection between your mental stress, your emotions and your pain.

Have you ever taken an aspirin for a headache? Do you know someone who is prescribed painkillers for chronic pain?

One in four Americans are on
two or more prescriptions.

Pain costs the United States about
$635 billion a year.

My name is Jodi Scholes. I’ve spent the last 25 years doing qualitative research on physical and muscular pain. In my work, I’ve treated and cared for thousands of clients suffering from mild to severe physical pain. What I have found is that when we stop seeing pain with just the narrow focus on the physical, we can discover the story behind the pain. When we discover the story behind the pain, we empower ourselves to not only release the pain, but to truly heal. In this book, I invite you to explore non pharmacological alternatives to chronic pain. Moving from stuck in a foggy rut to being in control of living your vision of a vibrant healthy life.

In this book, the author pulls from her vast experience as a Licensed Healthcare Professional. She introduces us to the concept that physical pain can be managed and resolved by exploring and making a connection to any unresolved traumas we experienced in the past.

Using ancient wisdom, the Body Blueprint™ connects the dots. We find that low back pain is linked to unexpressed anger. Knee pain relates to bending against one’s will. Shoulder pain is traced back to an imbalance in responsibilities. When we begin to recognize the clues that are revealed to us as to which body part correlates with which emotion, we begin to have an expanded vision of where to go for support. A clearer picture of what to do to heal. 

Benefits of reading this book

• Match painful body parts with the root causes of the mental and emotional wounds.

• Get to know your own body and the camouflaged sources of your dis-ease.

• Understand your story, by interpreting what your pain is telling you.

• Recognize the self-sabotaging behavior and translate that into new choices.

• Relieve the stress and frustration by eliminating the struggle of daily pain.

• Take an honest look at who you were years ago with who you are today. Compare to who you want to be in the future.

• Permission to connect with outside support to help you on your healing journey.

• Get feeling back to yourself with more energy & more joy by being in control of your body.

Discover how you are attracting experiences into your life. You are not unlucky. You are completely in control.

Conventional medicine, treats pain with a variety of protocols like pain medication, physical therapy, and injections. But oftentimes, the pain remains. This leads individuals to increase use of pain medications, building tolerance and needing something stronger.
Sadly, can result independency and addiction.

The Body Blueprint™ explains the parts of physical pain that originate from emotional feelings and traumatic circumstances in the past or present. If these invisible conditions remain unresolved, they can show up as chronic pain in various areas of the body.

As a Licensed Healthcare Professional the author has spent 25 years practicing Massage Therapy. Her qualitative research proves the benefits complementary medicine as a complement to, traditional medicine. Reading the Body Blueprint is a part of a holistic approach to healing. The information presented in this book will support your journey to wellness using both traditional and complementary medicine for pain management.

The Body Blueprint™ draws on ancient roots of wisdom and current research to offer what feels like a revolutionary approach, giving individuals who are experiencing chronic pain hope for a healthier, happier lifestyle and a pain-free life..

Jodi Scholes is a Licensed Massage Therapist who works in the United States and internationally. She has traveled with professional sports teams and done massage as a part of medical teams that support Olympic athletes. The Body Blueprint, How Your Pain Tells A Story is her first book. She’s a future TEDx speaker on the same topic. 

Over 25 years of practice, Jodi performed more than 20,000 hours of massage work as a practitioner. She likes to cook, work out, watch football and read. She lives in Naples, Florida during the winter and spends summer/fall season near Portsmouth, New Hampshire.